Thursday, 12 November 2009


UPDATES!!!! OMG Royalty Club deleted everyone from it. Wth??
Maybe there is no club anymore???
BUT if YOU go to THIS link :

You will see that club is still exist....

BUT if YOU go to this LINK :

You will see that in clubcreator account there is no club ANYMORE.

It's a glitch, or what??


Lie2AMOUR said...

Actually its I got a letter about that club from stardoll!

It said something about I've been chosen to be in this exclusive club and I'd get gifts and see and test out things before anyone else...all this cool stuff.

I was so excited so I clicked on and it redirected me to the club...but it wouldn't let me join...

The Join here box wasn't even there..

I was confused. So i went back to the letter and clicked it again...did the same.

So I went back to look at the letter...and the message is gone!!!

Just vanished! It was so weird...I know I didn't delete it..

Roxy (Roksy_funnycat) said...

I had same situation :S