Saturday, 21 February 2009

New Hotbuys

Hi readers,
i think that everyone saw the new hotbuys ??? Don`t you??
But now we have a chance to talk about them which is best and which is not so ...
Let`s start, BUT remember Hotbuys have to be the best clothes...
Here we GO!

OK :
1-st item - HB shoes 4.5/5 coz it`s not either glam, it`s best for Idoru lovers or sport outfit.
2-nd item - HB Denim Dress 3/5 it`s looking like a dress for farmers(i don`t even know why this item is HB?)
3-rd item - HB skirt it`s really great 4.8/5.0 but the main thing that`s she looking likeprevious HB skirt, BUT i like it ;)
4-th item - HB Trousers 5/5 OMG THEY`RE GREAT - glitter, sparkle, glam the dream of fashionista.
5th item - HB HOT Jumpsuit 5/5 REALLY hot ;)) well done SD it is awesome ;)
6th item - HB Bracelet 5/5 it is really great and fashionable ;) it`s golden and looking great with everything you wear;)
7th item - HB Circle Purse 4.5/5 it`s maybe for cowboys chicas but it`s a bit preety ;)
8th item - HB Bodycon Dress 5/5 it`s no more than just great
9th item - HB Denim Jacket 0.0/5 OMG is it Hotbuys ?????
10th item - HB Earrings 5/5 the best earrings i seen so fashionable ;))) Love them ;))

so did you like something ??? Or not?? Just left comment ;))
xoxo Roxy

Friday, 20 February 2009

Pop art oufits

Hey readers,

Great news, comics outfits are back and they are updated. Interesting... Will comics items from Starplaza re-relised??? Waiting for them (if will)... Check out outfits ;)))
xoxo Roxy

Monday, 16 February 2009

LE: Inspired By...

Guess what I got!
Now you can buy the LE dress in TopShop for only $35.99 , not 150 like on Stardoll...

And more:Oh... And this Awsome dress too XD


Friday, 13 February 2009

MORE Updates

Stardoll update our "Last Vistors" list and now it is too easy to send your "last visitor" friend request. But it not even done now but it is OK. Coz Stardoll is the best website ever :)
King rewards
xoxo Roxy
Take a look what SD done ;)


Hi Stardoll bring us a really GREAT present for ST. Valentine`s Day. It is a LIPSTICK (lol)! BUT not just a lipstick, it is a super-mega lipstick for fashionistas;) It is too bright, but it is free and looking GREAT, not good. Go to starplaza and you`ll se it in a first window with clothes ♥
Thank you so much STARDOLL!
King rewards
xoxo Roxy
P.S> check it out:

Valentino Stylish Outfit

In this Blog you canfind fresh news, but i forgot about Stylish outfits, SO now you have a chance to be first who read our first post connecting with "Stylish outfits". Check them out :)
xoxo Roxy

Thursday, 12 February 2009

More LE Or just second floor

Well... There is only one pic in blog of LE so i want to show you one more... 2nd floor.
Now the MOST part of LE gone, I`m lucky i bought one tank (pink) 393rd of 400, great yeah???
I like it but not so much as a previous one ;)
There are some interesting things but other is just UGLY STUFF!
Take a look at second floor...;)
xoxo Roxy

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Uh.... LE Realesed.........

Sheeeesh... LE is in town, AH-GAIN!
God, those things are not THAT cute to sell them for SOOO expencive....
Take a look:
Idiotic LE collection........

WTF is happening??!!

Ok. This is VERY wierd. Stardoll deleted the most popular clubs on stardoll, like, Eternity, Style_Magazine, BBOF, MadMacMom Designs. And Im now a member at Paulina Parizkovas club, Elites, but I never been a manager at AskPaulina club!!
Gee, Stardoll, ur becoming wierder and wierder everyday.....


Oh, WOW!! I just found out something REALLY COOL!
There was a LE bag in my SUITE!!!! I was sooo exited!! Look:Ok. For sure, LE Collection is soo near us... But only time can tell...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

More LE ♥

I got this mew pic of the New LE Collection! Its Fine, but I think the previous collection was much better. It was more sparklier, sequinner (Funny word ;) ) Take a look:
So yeah... But we'll wait for the whole collection, and we'll hope it wont be as expencive as it was...

xox, T

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Waitin' For The New LE!!

Oh... I cant WAIT to see the new LE collection! I just saw the spoiler on , and I was surprised to hear that the new LE collection is comming on the VALENTINES DAY!!

Here is a lil' spoiler:

xox, Peace Out!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Baroque Royalty Party

Yesterday there was really great party at TrendLoundge`s guestbook in Baroque Royalty style. I can say only one that i really liked this party there was so much fun and i have new friends too. Trendlounge`s parties are the BEST parties EVER...
Thanks Marie for Invitation
xoxo Roxy

DKNY celebrations

Oh new collections is amazing!!! Especially shoes...But there is too BIG prices that i don`t even like, i`ll wait till there will be Fave Sales ;)))) Also there are so much parties on SD as OMG... can`t recognize but the main thing is that there are TOO much, everyone celebrates 20 years of DKNY that continuing amaze Us with it`s GREAT collections (especially OLD).