Saturday, 21 February 2009

New Hotbuys

Hi readers,
i think that everyone saw the new hotbuys ??? Don`t you??
But now we have a chance to talk about them which is best and which is not so ...
Let`s start, BUT remember Hotbuys have to be the best clothes...
Here we GO!

OK :
1-st item - HB shoes 4.5/5 coz it`s not either glam, it`s best for Idoru lovers or sport outfit.
2-nd item - HB Denim Dress 3/5 it`s looking like a dress for farmers(i don`t even know why this item is HB?)
3-rd item - HB skirt it`s really great 4.8/5.0 but the main thing that`s she looking likeprevious HB skirt, BUT i like it ;)
4-th item - HB Trousers 5/5 OMG THEY`RE GREAT - glitter, sparkle, glam the dream of fashionista.
5th item - HB HOT Jumpsuit 5/5 REALLY hot ;)) well done SD it is awesome ;)
6th item - HB Bracelet 5/5 it is really great and fashionable ;) it`s golden and looking great with everything you wear;)
7th item - HB Circle Purse 4.5/5 it`s maybe for cowboys chicas but it`s a bit preety ;)
8th item - HB Bodycon Dress 5/5 it`s no more than just great
9th item - HB Denim Jacket 0.0/5 OMG is it Hotbuys ?????
10th item - HB Earrings 5/5 the best earrings i seen so fashionable ;))) Love them ;))

so did you like something ??? Or not?? Just left comment ;))
xoxo Roxy

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