Wednesday, 11 February 2009

WTF is happening??!!

Ok. This is VERY wierd. Stardoll deleted the most popular clubs on stardoll, like, Eternity, Style_Magazine, BBOF, MadMacMom Designs. And Im now a member at Paulina Parizkovas club, Elites, but I never been a manager at AskPaulina club!!
Gee, Stardoll, ur becoming wierder and wierder everyday.....


Anonymous said...

well if you add it all up, the owners of all those clubs have written a part of The Stardoll Magazine so maybe Stardoll is saying if you are allowed to write in the mag, your clubs have to be deleted?

Edge Magazine Media Manager: Roxy said...

No that`s was just a Stardoll mistake or just Stardoll tried to update the clubs maybe ;)