Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The New CoverGirl "Age"

Uh, Ok. That is sooo odd. What was Stardoll thinking when choosing a CoverGirl? Not offence, but the last CoverGirls were kinda.... Ugly? Really if u look at ***betty***. Whats wrong with the girl?
So guys, I really want you to follow these CoverGirl instructions:

1. You should be creative, and always be your self so you could be unique!
2. Be friendly and kind, so everybody will like you!
3. Get a fashion Magazine, and try to find your kind of style, so you could be yourself & be fashionable!

These 3 simple rules are really simple to follow, and you could become a really fashionable person! But remember, always be yourself, and believe in yourself!!

With Love, T :)

My First Post ♥

Hi, Guys, Im Tanya! Or just Tani ;) Im the new writer on this fab blog, and DUH, school BFF of Roxy :) I'll post really cool stuff like:
○Fashion (Duh, lol)
○Just in Stuff (New brand stuff on stardoll)
And much much more!


Monday, 26 January 2009

Purple gone, Golden TIGRE is coming...

That`s mean that there are NEW HOTBUYS!!! So let`s take a look at them ;) (click to enlarge)

First item Hotbuys belt ( with golden Tiger) - well quite good, especially on the coat..
Second item- Hotbuys Bag (with golden Tiger) - glamour thing, looking great =) love it
Third item- Hotbuys boots ( purple or violet... UGGS?)- i really love them, coz i like uggs and this boots are looking like them... yay..=)
Fourth item- Hotbuys Cardigan ( grey one) - well it`s just a cardigan nothing special.. i think ...
Fifth item- Hotbuys top ( white with skeleton)- punk, goth, idoru lovers ... HOLD ON, what about me i like it ;)
Sixth item- Hotbuys skirt( that violet)- 50/50 like it and not so....
Seventh item- Hotbuys Collar ( violet with dots) - i like it quite fashionable...
Eighth item- Hotbuys necklace ( bow ) - it`s too girly, too pinky, but i like it ( i don`t really know how is looking it)
Ninth item - HOTBUYS TROUSERS.....( black) - O.M.G. !!!!!!!!! What`s this ??? Horror film ? no comments .....

I hope all the items will be not so expensive ( especially trousers LOL)!!!
xoxo Roxy


I want to introduce you our new writer... her name is Tanya but everybody calls her as Tani. Her nickname on Stardoll is Tanitani5555. And now we are wotking together... In truth Tani is my school BFF and nothing gonna break our friendship and i hope work too =)


Welcome to our Royal Blog by Royal Magazine. It`s the blog of the Latest Updates on Stardoll, so here you can find all that you want:
♥ gossip
♥ updates
♥ fashion do`s and don`ts
♥ daily problems
♥ cheats
♥ make- up advices
♥♥♥ shortly all you want ... =)
So just Welcome...
Hope you will like ...

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Royal Designs

Hey, it's Dawn. I just thought of something cool. I think Royal Magazine should have it's own clothing line :D like they're can be t-shirts, jeans, and more. Although I'm going to have to talk to Roxy about all of this but I'm sure she will like my idea when I tell her and show her some designs. Although, I'm not good with the stardesign so someone professional at the stardesign is gonna have to do it. I have really cool ideas and designs in my head right now. So let's hope Roxy will like this plan...