Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The New CoverGirl "Age"

Uh, Ok. That is sooo odd. What was Stardoll thinking when choosing a CoverGirl? Not offence, but the last CoverGirls were kinda.... Ugly? Really if u look at ***betty***. Whats wrong with the girl?
So guys, I really want you to follow these CoverGirl instructions:

1. You should be creative, and always be your self so you could be unique!
2. Be friendly and kind, so everybody will like you!
3. Get a fashion Magazine, and try to find your kind of style, so you could be yourself & be fashionable!

These 3 simple rules are really simple to follow, and you could become a really fashionable person! But remember, always be yourself, and believe in yourself!!

With Love, T :)

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