Friday, 20 November 2009

New Hotbuys and old glitch ???

Hey there :D
New hotbuys realised, and i love them, not all, but most part YES.
I mentioned only a few mins ago, that 10 HB, are not 10. They are 11 now :o.
I don't know if it's hit or miss. But if you take a look at this little HB preview you'll see that there are still 10 HB. Same in September HBs. You choose is it's good or it's not.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Miss Sixty

New Miss Sixty collection realised go to starplaza to buy it.
Prices are not so good, but clothes is good :D

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Royalty Club is Back and...

And I'm starting to like it.
Because one girl asked stardoll about this club and stardoll said that NEXT collection of LE will be for members of Royalty club ONLY, so i think it's a good perspective for all of lucky members.
Also there will be exclusive collection inspired by D&G for Royalty Club members only( and prices are good), amd main thing ..... drums please....
ROYALTY CLUB MEMBERS will BE able to SELL their clothes for 500 STARDOLLARS>!!!!!!

Antidote 2 Hit or MISS?

It's second day of antidote 2 and there were completely sold only 3 items.
Anyway Second collection of Antidote is ugly and only several items everyone ready to buy.
First collection was BETTER in 100 times.
There is 1 plus, because there are good prices.
So you choose to buy it or to not.
xox Roxy


UPDATES!!!! OMG Royalty Club deleted everyone from it. Wth??
Maybe there is no club anymore???
BUT if YOU go to THIS link :

You will see that club is still exist....

BUT if YOU go to this LINK :

You will see that in clubcreator account there is no club ANYMORE.

It's a glitch, or what??

Royalty Club??

Royalty club?? Wth is that?

1-st when i saw this * Royal* invitation i thought OMG, I'm Elite, YAY i'm cool.
BUT when i saw HOW MUCH members there were. I thought that's sh*t. Stardoll promises different gifts to us, and it's kinda strange :S. I can't believe this..

Royalty Club over 60,000 members, duh?

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Antidote is out and....

And i don't like it. But prices are good.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Whats goin onnnnn?
Havent been on in a while...
Someone fill me innnn`?


Tuesday, 3 November 2009


New hotbuys Oversized Tank realised. Go to starplaza to buy it :D

Monday, 2 November 2009


I was checking out new posts in my Google Reader and i found out something interesting....
BURNBOOK is back!! It's not actually back, someone continued the tradition of BurnBook.
So what is BB?
It's thing that i hate.
First someone created new account, to not to be spotted. It's easily to do.
I hate in BB that, someone who is actually jealous, and hate everything connected with words elite, icon, etc... try to make a dirty reputation of someone who isn't deserve it (deserve good reputation but not dirty one).
If you hate someone why you can't say that you are ??? That person that is under the account is dastardly coward.

So second step it's to create a blog where you'll publish all this dirty stuff. 5 mins and VOILA, you have it.
So if you think to create it it's hard job, now you know that is not.

So main thing is that BB finally published it's first post. And I was laughing a LOT.
It's the stupidest post that I ever read!!!!
*( click to enlarge)

Top phrase :
* - Your legs are like the hottest new high club : always open.

It's sounds kinda funny. I was surprised a lot. And those funny words about realationship between Vanessa and other.... no comments lmao.
It's a virtual world hunni and it's impossible to have LOVE relationship there (my personal opinion).
ANYWAY N1mka4eva said, that she spoke with Vanessa only a few times, same about others :D

So if you want to have some fun, read BB :D