Thursday, 12 November 2009

Royalty Club??

Royalty club?? Wth is that?

1-st when i saw this * Royal* invitation i thought OMG, I'm Elite, YAY i'm cool.
BUT when i saw HOW MUCH members there were. I thought that's sh*t. Stardoll promises different gifts to us, and it's kinda strange :S. I can't believe this..

Royalty Club over 60,000 members, duh?


Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

That's because people who were not invited found a cheat on how to get in. I agree I think it should be more exclusive with all the m oney people spend on this site... or maybe different levels. Like bronze, silver and gold.

Roxy (Roksy_funnycat) said...

yeah :S