Wednesday, 19 August 2009

New Hotbuys

New September hotbuys. Everything ok, but this Candy's bag... First i thought that it was glitch, but it's not. So non superstars catch it until it's not ss.

  • Pink purse with bow - looking really cute. 5/5
  • Pink sandals - looking good. 4/5
  • Leopard coat - actually what we need in September looking really hot. 5/5
  • Black Beret - normal. 3/5
  • Multicolour dress - looking great 5/5
  • Multicolour tights - it's very hard to create good outfit with this tights but if you wear it with Multicolour dress, they'll look awesome. 4/5
  • White t-shirt - i love it :) everything is ok. 5/5
  • Black & Pink dot dress - it's looking too simply. 3/5
  • Miami top - love it, especially when you were it with black jeans or leggings. 5/5
  • Scarf with hearts - i don't know what to say about it. 3/5
  • Pink Bag (Candie's) - when i first saw this bag i thought that it should to be Hb and i was right. 5/5

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