Thursday, 25 June 2009

Random post

Hey it's Dawn. I'm bored and no one is online on skype. Well, besides Michael Jackson's death, Charlie's Angels' own Farrah Fawcett died of cancer. I like her name Farrah Fawcett. I like names like that. Like Kimmi Kennedy, Candace Cabrera (Btw., these are real people). My brother made a stardoll account. I seriously don't know why. Stardoll is boring now; it's not fun how it used to be. Me & Angelica (Angeliiicaaa__) find it odd that Ciara (ciaraleanne) is dating my brother Darion Harriston (TheProfessional).UGH, I seriously don't get it. Wtf does she see in him? he thinks he a "G" and he's not. He tries to be though. I know one of my besties Tanya (Tanitani5555) thinks he's a pervert. But sometimes my brother can have a heart. I really don't remember the last time he did something nice. All he does is be a peseant and a nuisance. My definition of a peseant in the "Dawnlicious Dictionary" is a person who is begging, annoying, and a bother. Ugh I seriously wish he wasn't born out me, him, and my other sister Jazmin, he turned out abnormal. His IQ is like below 0 in the negatives actually, and he is a peaseant. He always bothers me for everything. I really wanna choke Ciara for dating him lol. But if she's happy with him then i'll have to accept it. I'll give them 4 months. Or 4 seconds, which ever comes first lol.

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